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Everything Your Business Needs to Succeed with the Próspera Platform

We take care of the tough stuff so you can focus on your business. We'll find you the best talent, take care of your HR, payroll, & benefits, and set up your team for success.

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Employee Leasing

Próspera Employees

Hire Employees in Próspera. No Entity Required.

We operate as your employer-of-record in Próspera and handle compliance, payroll, and benefits for your teammates. You just have simple monthly payments.

What's Included

We'll tap into our talent network and find the right person for the job.
No international payroll. Just simple payments each month that cover all of your employment costs.
Health and retirement benefits are included to attract the best talent.
Regulatory Compliance
We handle the unique regulations of the Próspera Platform, you focus on your business.
Office Space
A dedicated space for your teammates to get work done.
Computer Hardware
We'll provide the necessary setup for your teammate to be successful.
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Recruiting & Placement

Hire Próspera Employees Faster and Smarter

Explore the talent of Honduras through our expanding talent network. We have dedicated recruiters and a growing Talent Network with some of the best professionals in Honduras. Find qualified candidates to help your business grow affordably.

Talent Network

Gain access to our growing network of qualified candidates and bring the best talent to your organization.

Applicant Tracking

We track candidates from application to full-time employee. We'll set you up with pre-screened individuals, schedule interviews, and keep in touch along the way.

Onboarding Assistance

We breakdown the onboarding process and help get your teammates up to speed on the Próspera Platform.

Payroll & Benefits

Payroll & Benefits

We'll Handle the Compliance, Payroll, and Benefits for Your Próspera Entity

Let us manage the international payments, time-consuming compliance, and benefits of the Próspera Platform so you can focus on your business.

No international payroll. Just simple payments each month that cover all of your employment costs.
We manage all employee benefits including health insurance and retirement funds.
We can provide employment contracts and residency assistance to make hiring frictionless.
Compliance Assistance
HR consulting to ensure you and your employees remain compliant.
Both employees and employers can benefit from our onboarding process. It helps ensure success from both sides.
Time Tracking
We'll ensure employees remain compliant with overtime requirements and approvals.

Office Space

Office Space

Flexible spaces for your teammate

From coworking space to dedicated offices, we can provide a professional work environment for your teammate.

Coworking Access

Flexible, open spaces in the heart of Próspera. Keep your teammate compliant by working within the Próspera Jurisdiction.

Dedicated Desk

Reserved desk space for your teammate to set up a home base at work.

Dedicated Office

Private, dedicated office space for your teammate.