Próspera Employment Solutions

The Simplest Way To Grow Your Remote Workforce

We provide the services and talent required for your business to be successful on the Próspera Platform.

Próspera Employment Solutions
Próspera Employment Solutions plays an integral role on the Próspera Platform by breaking down the regulatory barriers for international companies to hire Hondurans in Honduras.
Próspera Employment Solutions

We remove the pain of hiring and find you exceptional teammates

Don't worry about regulations, 401k, social security, health insurance, or any of the many other complexities of hiring. We'll handle that, you focus on how an extra teammate can help you achieve your goals.

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We have an ever-growing network of talented professionals. We can find you the perfect fit.

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Próspera PEO

We can handle the compliance, payroll, and HR for your teammate so you can focus on your objectives.

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Office Space

We provide office space and the computer hardware to meet your company's needs.

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Employee Leasing

All of our services packed into one for employers outside of the Próspera jurisdiction.

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Próspera Employment Solutions

Where We Can Help

Expand a Remote Team
We can manage all of the complexities with hiring remote talent so you can get the best people on the best platform.
Hire a Local Team
Joining the Próspera Platform? We can assist with all of your labor needs from payroll to recruiting.
Utilize Our Services
Only need one or a couple of our services? Pick and choose what works for you.

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